Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I wish I'd done that! - The Most Beautiful Seat Belt Commercial Ever

Over the years, there has been thousands of commercials attempting to scare everyone into using their safety belts. Most rely on fear of a police citations or on graphic images of injuries and death to convey their message.

This slow-motion TV spot from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, takes a completely different (and very creative) approach on the subject. When you break it down to it's simplest form, the commercial has great lighting, music and a typical family you can relate to. There are no special effects, driving scenarios, or even a vehicle.

This spot takes what seems to be a family-game-night and turns it into a heart touching, highly effective message - Embrace Life.

- Pete C.
Brainwerx Design

Embrace Life - Credits

Writer/Director: Daniel Cox
Producer: Sarah Alexander
Executive Producer: Neil Hopkins

Father: Austin Spangler
Mother: Lara Corrochano
Daughter: Clare Denning


Assistant Director/ Production
1st Assistant Director: Lucy Wigmore
Assistant Producer: Vicky Del Campo
Runner: Tom Harburt

Director of Photography: Luke Scott
Phantom Technician: Jason Berman
Focus Puller: John Mitchell
Gaffer: John Cantwell
Spark: Gary Nagle
Camera assistant: Steve Mayhew

Art Department:
Production Designer: Aoife Wilson
Art Director: James Custance
Storyboards: Peter Johnston

Editor: Daniel Cox
Colorist: Pat Wintersgill
Graphics Designer: Laylah Driscoll - Insert Graphics

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